Queensbridge School has a 52 place nursery class, with 26 children attending in the morning, and 26 in the afternoon.  Places in the nursery class are offered strictly on an age basis.  There is one place for a child with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

A place in nursery does not guarantee your child a reception place.

The admission limit to school is 30 pupils per year.  Children who are 4 years of age and who turn 5 between 1st September and 31st August are admitted into the reception class during September.   The Local Authority deals with admissions to primary schools.

If the number of pupils seeking admission to the school exceeds the number of places available, then the following order of priority will be used by the LA:-

  1. Children who have an older brother or sister already attending Queensbridge;
  2. Children who suffer from some illness or physical disadvantage which make it better for them to attend this school rather than another. (Any such illness or physical disadvantage must be notified at the time of application – a medical examination by a school medical officer may be requested);
  3. Children for whom, in the opinion of the Authority, the journey to another school would be unreasonable or difficult.

It is hoped that this procedure will result in a satisfactory offer of a place for each child.  However, if the offer of a place at any school is unacceptable, a parent has a right to appeal.  Further details of this procedure are available from the headteacher.

An invitation for parents to attend an informal evening meeting to meet staff will be sent out in June.  This is an opportunity for parents to raise any questions or concerns they have about their child starting school.  It is also an opportunity for the head, deputy and reception teacher to outline school policy in terms of educational aims and objectives, with specific reference to early learning and how parents may best help their child’s educational process.  Experience has proved this meeting to be invaluable to new parents.

New entrants and parents are also invited to come to school on a particular date prior to the child’s admission so that they may become familiar with the school surroundings, meet their teacher and see the classroom.

Application forms are available from the school office, however, completion of the form does not guarantee a place, nor does attending the nursery.  The Local Authority (LA) has the responsibility of allocating school places for reception aged children.  Parents still have to put their children’s name down at a primary school.  These details are then forwarded to the LA during the summer term.  The LA then issue preference forms to parents in September for return by mid-October.  Offers of a place at a school are usually made at the end of March.  Parents have to then notify the school of their acceptance of the place.

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